From March 10th to April 7th, 2018
From February 3rd to March 1st 2018

Rebecca Digne - Tracer le vide

From November 18th to December 23rd, 2017


From October 7th to November 12th, 2017

Florian Sumi
Maître Coeur

Du 1er au 29 juillet 2017

Laura Gozlan
physical self
du 15 avril au 13 mai 2017 

Crystal Palace

Rebecca Digne, Hendrik Hegray, Sandrine Pelletier, Andrés Ramirez, Pia Rondé & Fabien Saleil

From March 11th to April 8th, 2017 / Opening on Saturday, March 11th

Au-delà de l’image III
Gaia Fugazza et Haroon MirzaAnouk Kruithof, Muriel Leray, Michael Jones McKean, Laura Porter, Andrés Ramirez, Florian Sumi, Romain Vicari
November 17 – December 22, 2016

David de Tscharner
Les Ambassadeurs
 October 8 – November 5, 2016

Laura Porter
The Future of Dry
September 03 – 29, 2016

Aurélie Pétrel and Vincent Roumagnac (duo)
Une exposition de rêves

with the artist Nagi Gianni invited
July 02 – 30, 2016

Hard Flowers
May 14 - June 18, 2016
Wolf Cuyvers, Thomas Dunoyer de Segonzac, Laura Gozlan, Laura Porter, Andrés Ramirez
Curated by Clara Guislain

Pia Rondé & Fabien Saleil
La campagne est noire de soleil 
March 19 – April 30, 2016
Curated by Léa Bismuth
With the support to the galleries / first exhibition by   National Center Of Visual Arts

Muriel Leray
February 6 – March 3, 2016

Paganismo Practico
Cristina Ochoa – Florian Sumi
Curated by Emanuela Ines Dunand
January 30, 2016 
El Sullivan – Miguel Schultz 146-L1
Colonia San Rafael México, D.F. 

Postmodern Images System
January 09 – January 23, 2016

Au-delà de l’image (II)
November 07 – December 19, 2015
Rebecca Digne, Laura Gozlan, Emmanuel Le Cerf, Pétrel I Roumagnac (duo), Ludovic Sauvage, David de Tscharner
Curated by Valeria and Edouard Escougnou-Cetraro

Alexandre Maubert
To go towards the light and shine it on our night
September 18 – October 31, 2015 

New Babylon
David Casini :: Laura Porter :: Florian Sumi
July 10 – September 12, 2015 
Curated by Valeria and Edouard Escougnou-Cetraro

Double décor
Eleonore False I Ana Vega
May 23 – June 20, 2015 
Curated by Alexandre Quoi 

April 18 –  May 16, 2015
Emanuele Becheri, Jessica Boubetra, David Casini, T-Yong Chung, Serena Fineschi, Muriel Joya, Giovanni Kronenberg, Marco Andrea Magni, Audrey Martin, Pia Rondé & Fabien Saleil, Enrico Vezzi, Virginia Zanetti.
An exhibition co-curated by Matteo Innocenti with the DERIVA laboratory.
Through the project Distances, a dialogue between curators and artists at both cities of Prato (IT) and Paris (FR), June 2014 – June 2015.

Andrés Ramirez
To keep the darkness sealed within 
19.02.15 – 11.04.15
Avec le soutien du Centre national des arts plastiques (aide à la première exposition ) 

Reflets, coïncidence. 
An exhibition of Muriel Leray and Anna Tomaszewski
January 10 – February 14, 2015
Curated by Deriva

Au-delà de l’image
November 06, 2014 – January 03, 2015

Through the month of the Photo-Off
David De BeyterEmmanuel Le Cerf, Jean-Baptiste Lenglet,
Alexandre MaubertAurélie PétrelPia Rondé & Fabien Saleil.
Curated by Valeria Cetraro-Escougnou and Edouard Escougnou

Jean-Baptiste Lenglet : History Of Trance
Part I : September 06 – 20, 2014
Part II : October 02 – 31, 2014
Curated by Thomas Fort

Magazines, artists’ books and printed documents.

May 17 – July 12, 2014
John Baldessari, Lynda Benglis, Mel Bochner, Robert Cumming, Group Material, Robert Heineken, Douglas Huebler, Peter Hutchinson, Mike Kelley, Tom Marioni, Robert Morris, Richard Prince, Robert Smithson, Philippe Thomas. 

Curated by Guillaume Leingre and Alexandre Quoi

Palm Beach
September 12 – November 20, 2013

A collective exhibition
Isabelle Blanc, Edouard Escougnou, Camille Hervouet, Julien Lombardi