Images Manquantes

From April 14th to May 12th, 2018
Opening on Saturday, April 14th

Group show :
Léa Bismuth, Pierre Clement, Vincent Gicquel, Laura Gozlan, Charles Mason, Laura Porter, Pia Rondé & Fabien Saleil, Andrés Ramirez, David de Tscharner, Florian Sumi, Diego Wery 

“We originate in a scene we were never in: an image lacking in human beings. Whether they close their eyes or dream at night, open their eyes or closely observe real things in light shed by the sun, whether their gaze wanders afar or is lost, whether they turn their eyes to the book in their hands, whether sitting in the dark they watch the development of a film or let themselves be absorbed in the contemplation of a painting, human beings are a desiring gaze that is seeking another image behind everything they see.”
Pascal Quignard (Le sexe et l’effroi)
I would have wanted the works to speak of a secret they don’t know about. But the works are made of multiple secrets, those of the artists, those of the life that animates them, in the sublimation of the artistic endeavour. In the face of any creation, we stand before enigma. If so, how can one grasp the missing images, how can one embrace them and feel them, the motive absences of a halting desire that arouses tension. Because a tension exists, there is life behind the works, life behind an exhibition; sometimes even attempts at love, and opportunities for friendship. There are mental images that occupy the unconscious space, figures that haunt our need for crystallization, without us knowing which one to pick. We are always interrogative, in search of an opening. And the fatal circumstances of resuscitation are inhabited by the echoes of memories.