Established in 2014 by Valeria Cetraro-Escougnou and Edouard Escougnou, the gallery Escougnou-Cetraro focuses on promoting young artists, building its activity on constant research, on producing and promoting projects that question contemporary art practice. Going beyond the exhibition of art pieces, this means fostering exchange and dialogue. The research lines that the gallery has defined over time – one of which, for instance, deals with the role of image in the arts – drive the choices of a programme that aims to bring together all different players of the art world, artists as well as art critics and art lovers, on selected topics chosen to be developed in the long term. Thus, since its start the gallery organises workshops in parallel to its exhibitions, to explore cultural, theoretical, and linguistic issues of our time. To the same end, every exhibition is accompanied by a publication, whose drafting represents yet another crucial moment for the liveliness of the gallery, to elaborate and rethink art through text. Our goal is to build a common project with young artists and critics exploring the narrow spaces between representation and language, by means of a diversity of media. This outlook lays out the basis of a true permeability and openness between different fields and disciplines. Providing a new mean of cultural outreach appropriate to the complexity of contemporary art in turn stimulates the artists to consider new ideas and perspectives. In practice, the gallery is open to Universities, to researchers and students both, through round tables, visits, or conferences with artists, critics, and gallerists. To foster the interchange, the gallery is now supporting an exchange programme between artists residing in France and in foreign countries, giving its space as both art studio and exhibition hall.

Galerie Escougnou-Cetraro
7, rue Saint-Claude  75003 Paris
tel. +33 (0)9 83 02 52 93
Tuesday-Saturday 2pm-7pm
or by appointment

Valeria Escougnou-Cetraro
+33(0)6 62 38 94 83

Edouard Escougnou-Cetraro
+33 (0)6 27 93 67 53