Vue de l’exposition “Reflets, coïncidence”
Galerie See studio, 2015

In a contemporary context of denial of the world,
this work tries, on the contrary, to outface.

Here, it is not about building new relationships between ideas.
It is about finding new accesses to areas without concepts.

The block-poems are an intersection between minimal forms and short texts. A perspective : fighting against the noise of the world. 

Each proposal is thought custom-built : meaning, dimensions, relations to the space. The block, recurrent element, makes a silence. The text, piece of the noise, is worked from the inside by the syntax and the prosody. Block and poem are in tension ; searching, when catching the objects, a point where the catch fails. 

There should be no question of themes, topics, opinions ; but a concern. Often at the scale of a body, the block is a call from the hollow. It is about an encounter. The object does not impose anything ; it has to make exist.

Muriel Leray