Ludovic Sauvage, Vers l’ouest, 2014

Ludovic Sauvage was born in 1985 in Aix en Provence, and lives and works in Paris.

He graduated from the Villa Arson (Nice) and ERBA (Valence) and has exhibited widely in France and abroad. He was selected for the 57th edition of the Montrouge art show in 2012, and was artist in residence at the Contemporary Art space of HEC (MBA Paris) in 2014. He had two solo shows in Paris in 2015: « Terrace » at the artist-run space Glassbox and « The sun always moves » at Parc Floral Paris. He is represented by Escougnou-Cetraro Gallery, where he was part of the group exhibition Beyond the image (II).

Ludovic Sauvage works on the image being projected and within that subject, our relation to representation, space and time. Facing the images and projections he creates, the viewer finds himself on the edge of a spatial/temporal gap, a place where something poetic can happen, a place where the contours of colour and space are unstable. Sometimes, Ludovic Sauvage’s images can be perceived as space containers, revealing their own depth to the viewer. And sometimes, on the other hand, it is the installation space itself that becomes the container for potential images to be seized by the artist or the viewer.

Texts and publications (sélection) Artpress - n.413 - par Anaël Pigeat