David de Tscharner, Les Ambassadeurs, 2016, 11 mobile sculptures, mixed media on plexiglass, various sizes

Born in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1979. Lives and works in Brussels and Paris.
He graduated from the art schools ESBA in Geneva and La Cambre in Brussels in 2005, where he teaches now. He participated in many exhibitions in France, Belgium and Switzerland. « Next » at Galerie Albert Baronian in 2009, « One Sculpture a Day at Aliceday » in 2012, « Fantasmagorie » at Frac des Pays de la Loire in 2014 and « La nature des choses » at La Maison Grégoire in 2016 are among his noticeable solo shows. Art director of the magazine Code between 2005 and 2010, he also collaborates with artists like Florence Doléac, Benoît Platéus, Eric Croes and Jean-Baptiste Bernadet. His solo show « Les Ambassadeurs » at Galerie Escougnou-Cetraro (Paris) was in October 2016.

Based between Brussels and Paris, Swiss artist David de Tscharner has developed a body of work that includes experimentations in different artistic fields such as collage, video or publishing but it is through sculpture that he asserts himself progressively. Using elements such as time constraints, geographical contexts, biographical references and participative processes to magnify the materials he handles, he turns sculpture into a catalyzer that draws links between intimate and social experiences. The profusion, sometimes confusing, of his assemblages reveals an unfailing curiosity and a strong interest for the notion of loss. In this sense, David de Tscharner’s practice can be linked to the Heideggarian idea of «Holzweg», a path that leads to nowhere except to one’s being in a state of exploration.

PRESS and TEXTS (selection)

Arts libre – by Claude Lorent / 2016
L’Art Même - by Laurent Courtens - n.69 / 2016
Hart - by Hans Theys / mai 2016
Point Contemporain  / 2015

Mouvement.net - by Claire Kueny / 2014
One Sculpure a Day – by Devrim Bayar /  2012
David de Tscharner  – by Laetitia Chauvin / 2013
La Libre Belgique - by Claude Laurent  /  2013
Libération  - by Mathilde la Bordonnie /  2007